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Secure Paper Management
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Our Document Shredding and Paper Management Services:

SecureDoc.org specializes in document scanning, file classification, indexing, and document shredding. We offer customized solutions for every type of organization, large and small.

  • Document Preparation
  • Document Scanning
  • On-site Shredding
  • Commercial Shredding
  • File Classification & Indexing
  • Multiple Retrieval Options
  • Document Shredding
  • Medical Records Shredding
  • Mobile Solution
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Our Culture

SecureDoc.org is affiliated with Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State, an organization committed to empowering people with disabilities through exceptional opportunities that help them lead independent and fulfilling lives. Every project creates meaningful work for talented and dedicated individuals. Our values are Security, Efficiency, and Independence. We create a supportive and inspiring environment to help our employees succeed. By protecting and streamlining your business, we create satisfying jobs for people with developmental disabilities.

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SecureDoc.org is more than a document management company. We have various location throughout New York City - Staten Island, Brooklyn and Bronx. We’re a community of motivated individuals who are working for independence and working hard on your behalf.

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What Client's Say

CP of NYS has been a part of the Bethex family for over ten years. As a supported employment service program and most recently as a document management program, they have provided us with outstanding services that have proved that people with disabilities can be a productive and motivated workforce. As a result, I applaud their efforts to establish SecureDoc.org as the next logical step towards providing the business community with valuable document management solutions, while continuing their mission to help the people they serve realize their true potential.

- Joy Cousminer, President & CEO, Bethex Federal Credit Union

The staff at SecureDoc.org is always professional and courteous. They provide same-day service for my shredding needs. Since they are located in the same neighborhood where I work, I decided to bring my documents to their site on a weekly basis. Thanks to SecureDoc.org, I am confident the sensitive information of my patients is protected, I have more space in my office, and it’s all done at a reasonable price.


I have had the pleasure of working with CP of NYS for over a year, as they assist us with managing our seemingly endless supply of essential documents. To this day, we continue to benefit from their outstanding professional efforts to provide us with quality, cost effective services, while demonstrating the true value of employing people with disabilities. As a natural progression of their efforts, I am sure that SecureDoc.org will continue to advance this valuable legacy in years to come.


Secure. Safe. Compliant.

All of our business practices and information security procedures are compliant with HIPAA, and other federal regulations, as well as PCI Data Security Standards.

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