Commercial Shredding

Any business, be it a hospital, school, firm or even a trade organization, collects and maintains various types of sensitive information. This can include payment records, receipts, client data, tax and insurance documents and much more. Incorrectly disposing these documents exposes the business to a whole slew of risks such as identity and information theft, exploitation by competitors and private investigation and misuse by disgruntled employees and customers etc. Hence, there has been an upsurge in commercial document shredding services in Staten Island that convert your sensitive documents into unrecognizable bits and pieces. Various regulations (HIPAA, FACTA and SOX) have made it mandatory for documents to be shred on a minimum annual basis.

We at provide our clients with a viable and convenient shredding service in Staten Island at a pocket friendly price. Keeping in mind the size of your business, we offer various plans that may be suitable to you. You can select any of these plans or propose one of your own. After setting the finer details, we send you a locked bin in which your documents can be dropped and stored.

On a pre-decided bi-weekly, monthly or annual basis, we come and collect your bins of documents to be shredded. You can even opt for a one-time purge. After we have safely shredded your documents and made their contents irretrievable, we recycle the shreds of paper and give you a certificate of destruction.

By using our service, you give back to society. gives employment to disabled professionals, thus empowering them to lead independent and fulfilling lives.