Mobile Solutions

Keeping up with the assets, costs, purchases, documentation and reports of a business can become a cumbersome task. It is even more taxing if the following details have to be coordinated and updated accordingly between a no. of people. The costs associated with the maintenance of such records are often high. We, at, understand this dilemma and offer handy mobile solutions to take your mind off this constant dilemma, thus helping you focus on the more important aspects of your work.

How does it work?

We provide a cloud service and multiple platforms for the storage and access of your data. Our comprehensive and customized login options and periodic reports make using it a breeze. You can access your data from anywhere, at anytime. Its portable nature and online features add to its ease and convenience of use.

The one-time set-up of our solution proves to be a more economical decision when compared to the many other costs that you will have to shell out over the years. It is also designed to accommodate modifications, additions and deletions, granting you and your employees access to the most superior and user-friendly interface.

What makes us better? is a service-oriented organization committed to doing what’s best for you. Along the way, we also create some employment opportunities as most of us are people suffering from cerebral palsy and other such kinds of disabilities. We go through frequent technical upgrades, staff training sessions and educational workshops, all in a bid to provide you with a perfect value for money service. Join forces with us to also do your bit to Mother Nature, as we use the most eco-friendly processes and renewable resources.